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Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is The God of Cricket..

What do you think?

sachin_rt: Finally the original SRT is on Twitter n the first thing I'd like to do is wish my colleagues the best in the windies

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murugan from men wrote at April 24, 2012:
happy birthday god of cricket
kalyan from hyderabad wrote at April 1, 2012:
he is the dearest child of bharath matha ....... we can describe him with words (even words feel they are inferior ) .. above all his humility and down to earth ..... hats off master ... when it comes to felicitation of him what can we give ..... he is felicitating every Indian making us proud
BANTEE RAJA BUNDELA from INDIA wrote at March 31, 2012:
I didn't see god but I'm still happy that I have seen "GOD OF CRICKET" that is MASTER-BLASTER SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR
Manoj Krishnan wrote at March 18, 2012:
A new autograph recorded by sachin for all of his fan's
shakir from Pakistan wrote at March 17, 2012:
Punjabi Chowk wrote at March 16, 2012:
Finally, God of Cricket made 100th 100.....
Kamesh from India wrote at March 16, 2012:
Great! 100 centuries is possible only to you and you are called God of Cricket! Every Indian Cricket Fan will be proud of you.
Arun Daniel from Chennai wrote at February 28, 2012:
sachin - the immortal...
Vinoth K wrote at February 21, 2012:
God i want to see ur 100th ton.... so i pray for tat wit u only.............
mithun hebri from udupi wrote at February 16, 2012:
dhoni is worst player in the world because he rotation policy aim to god of cricket sachin . God is always silent. God become angry then devil(dhoni)destroyed
JB wrote at February 9, 2012:
He should retire
maas from 3 feb 2012 wrote at February 2, 2012:
No...., he is a man of CRICKET.
VARUN wrote at November 10, 2011:
he is divine.i wont belive god but i will belive god of cricket. india must be proud becuse sachin was bron in india
Pankaj R.Adhatrao from Pandharpur wrote at September 14, 2011:
Sachin is the Master of Cricket
pankaj adhatrao from Pandharpur wrote at August 27, 2011:
Sachin u r God of God in cricket
Kiran M P wrote at August 23, 2011:
Sachin,,,,, your the one and only GOD of cricket!!! you made us proud..... Love you sachin. I will pray god for your good health & long live.
Jay Varshney wrote at August 6, 2011:
we love u master
swapnil wrote at July 22, 2011:
Mathew Hayden:
"I have seen God, he bats at no. 4 for India"
s wrote at July 22, 2011:
Sachin is God, God is Tendulkar!
Bhawesh from Indian wrote at July 21, 2011:
He is definately the GOD OF CRICKET
hope to see his 100th century and the first century in LORDS


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